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What is On-Call Schedule, and how can it help?

Is your on-call team handling alerts 24/7? Is the team getting bombarded with alerts, even outside of their shifts?

Don't worry! With Site24x7's On-Call Schedule, you can direct alerts to on-call teams during their specific shift hours. The On-Call Schedule option ensures notifications are sent to assigned individuals during specific shift hours, helping them respond to incidents quickly.

You can also schedule shift hours to suit the rotating shift schedules of assignees. For instance, if an assignee works the day shift for one month and the night shift for the next month, you can configure this accordingly. You can also opt not to receive alerts during holidays or weekends.

Read more about the On-Call Schedule feature in our help documentation.

Please contact support@site24x7.com if you need any clarifications. Feel free to add your feedback in the comments below.

Happy monitoring!


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