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PlugIn & IT Automation

i have a PlugIn that works perfect and the values are pick it up by Site24x7


I am trying to use IT Automation if the plugIn shows Down, but does not work


what would be the best place to add the IT Automation Script

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To execute an IT Automation on a plugin, map the automation which you want to execute in the Edit Plugin Monitor page.

Under IT Automation, select "Execute on Down" and the automation which you want to execute when the monitor goes down. Please refer this help doc for further details,


To check the result of the Automation, go to IT Automation Logs under IT Automation tab,


If you have already tried mapping the automation at the monitor level and find any difficulty in executing the automation, please comment on this thread.

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I was able to map the Automation to the PlugIn, however is not executed when the plugin shows down

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There was an issue at our end that has been fixed now. You will now be able to map the automation to the plugin and the automation will get executed successfully. Please try again and let us know if it worked.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Do comment in the below thread for further queries, if any.

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