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Proposed Feature Development Roadmap

This is a proposed feature development roadmap



Server Hardware monitoring – Server hardware such as Dell servers (iDRAC) and HP server (iLO) all have SNMP capabilities to monitor hardware elements such as disk status, Write speeds (IOPS), Fan speeds, NIC status, Pretty much all the information that SNMP will provide.


Storage Hardware monitoring – Storage Hardware such as Dell Compellent, QNAP, NetApp SANs all provide SNMP and we would be interested in monitoring all of the same elements as specified for server hardware.


Server Clustering Monitoring – Firstly, there needs to be a way for Site24x7 to recognise that a server is in a windows Cluster so the passive nodes does not set off any alerts when down, and secondly, the health of the cluster should be monitored.


Bug Fix – There is a bug in the agent for windows that shows the service as down in the system tray when you click on the Site24x7 logo because it only gives the option to start the service as the stop service option is grey’d out which would suggest the service is already in a stopped state but when you look at the actual service it is in a running state .  Really annoying this bug.


Bug Fix – The server monitors (both windows and Linux) have an annoying habit of losing connection with Site24x7 and alerting stating the server is down but when investigating, the server is up and having looked at the logs, we can see no errors or any evidence of connectivity or network issues.  We have reported this type of issue to you on many occasions and sent numerous log files





Windows DSC/PowerShell Integration – We would like to see much better support and integration with the windows DSC configuration management platform.  Firstly, we would like to be able to push the monitoring preferences to Site24x7 such as Monitor Groups, Alert Profile, Notification Profile, free disk space threshold, specify services/processes to monitor.  Currently we can push the Site24x7 agent out to servers using windows DSC which is great; however, if we deploy 1000 new servers for example, once the agent has been deployed, we would need to sit there and manually configure the monitoring preferences for every single server which is way too time consuming.  Also, it would be great if we could actually monitor DSC to make sure it is doing exactly what it has been configured to do.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Integration – I’m going to divide this request up into sub headings as there are quite a few suggestions.  I have discussed this with Muralee and one of your developers but feel the need to reiterate the request.

§  Azure App Services – Monitor Azure web apps for metrics such as HTTP request errors.  Take this a step further and allow start/stop of web apps from the Site24x7 console.

§  Subscription Query – Allow us to enter our subscription details and query the subscription to pull all resources in the cloud and allow us to select which resources we would like to monitor and configure accordingly. This would work in a similar way to your AWS monitoring.

§  Azure Outage Alert – Should one (or more) of the Azure Data centres were to experience an outage,   Provide us with alerting to inform us of this.

§  Storage Account       - Monitor storage accounts using all available metrics.

§  V-Net Monitoring    - Morning traffic on the V-NET, status and all other available metrics

§  DaaS Monitoring      - Monitor Azure’s Database as a Service SQL offering

§  Active Directory       - ADFS trust monitoring, Azure Active Directory monitoring


Server Restarts – Currently, there is no way to monitor and alert us when a server restarts.  If a server restarts, we need to know immediately so we can investigate the cause as our servers needs to be highly available.  We have tried using the resource check profile and set this against the restart event on the logs but this did not work.






Active Directory Domain Services – Monitor Site-to-Site replications, DFSR and general health check monitoring, global catalogue corruption


Custom PRIVATE Dashboards – The ability to create custom dashboards that are available internally  with no way to share to anyone without a login.


Memory / CPU maps - Graphical representation of which services/processes are using what percentage (or amount) of resources. 


Core Network Services – Monitor core network services DNS and DHCP

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We are excited to announce APM support for Azure App services using APM Insight .NET Agent. 

The new extension APM Insight .NET Agent in Azure App Services will monitor the ASP.NET applications built in .NET Framework hosted in Azure App services. 

It will analyze the performance of your Azure web apps and obtain a holistic view of your application performance, and enhance your end user experience.

The help link is provided below for enabling APM for in Azure App Services,


We look forward for your valuable feedback to fulfill all your requirements and make the product better.

If you have any difficulties with the setup, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to assist you.

Happy Monitoring...!

APM Insight .NET Agent Team
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