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proxmox lxc monitoring



is there anyway to moinitor lxc containers by proxmox?

i tried installing the client on 2-3 containers but they all appear as one (probably because the agent cant distinguish much from the host). 

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We do not support out of the box monitoring for LXC containers.

With respect to the installation issue :

We add server monitors by considering UUID of the host as unique criteria. That could be the reason agents installed in all containers points to same monitor.

To resolve this Navigate to Admin --> Server Monitor --> Settings and set the option Map/Add a server based on hostname to Yes

Once the setting is applied install the server monitoring agents in the respective containers to get it identified as unique monitors.


Installing the server monitoring agents inside containers will fetch you availability , performance metrics , processes and logs monitoring.

However this is not recommended approach as we need to do manual configurations for agent service auto restart during container reboot.




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