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Proxmox VE VM Backup Monitoring

Good afternoon, I would like to know from friends, if anyone here on the forum uses the 24x7 site to monitor Proxmox VM Backup.

Today I don't have a functional monitoring of Proxmox VM Backups and I would like to use the 24x7 site for this task, in this case I identified which log file Proxmox uses to make its full backup, in which case I would have to do it somehow that site24x7 when seeing a certain word in the log, it creates an alert in the interface.

Could anyone tell me where to start to do this?

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I am new to Site24x7, but let me try to provide some suggestions based on my past experience with Monitoring Custom Metrics that might help.

A simple script that outputs a Metric Value eg., "1" if the word you are looking for is present in the log (And run it in a interval with Cron or some job scheduler). which then can be sent to the Collector in a format that Site24x7 takes as input.

For eg., the below link helps you with the custom metric format if you are using (or can use) StatsD 




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