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Public IP alert

Request to Alert when a new public IP is created in Azure/GCP

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Hi There,

    Our team is already working on it. We'll update when the feature is ready. Thank you for raising your request here.


Site24x7, PM

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Hey there, 
   Public IP alert can be created through Azure Activity Logs. You'll have to enable the Azure activity logs collections and then need to write a custom query alert on the Applogs page. To enable the azure activity logs, go to Admin --> Applogs --> Settings --> Enable azure logs. 

Step 1: Go to app logs page 

Step 2: Run following query logtype="Azure Logs" and operationname CONTAINS "Create or Update Public Ip Address"    

Step 3: Select the Alerts Option 

Step 4: Fill the Threshold profile and log check frequency and save the alerts.  This custom monitor will trigger the alert whenever any new public IP is created on the subscriptions. 

Custom monitor from azure activity logs

-- Site24x7 Team



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