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Request To HIde Custom Dashboards

In our environment we have several monitored websites of different customers, when some of them get into at section of custom dashboards they can see the custom dashboards of other monitor groups that is not configured in their user.

This is a confidentiality problem for us, we need your help to hide custom dashboards according to monitoring groups configured for every user.



Best Regards.

Mario Vigueras 



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Dear Mario,

    Glad that you have asked for help from us. Let me give you the best practices for data integrity when dealing with multiple customers or teams. 


To cater to the MSPs and CSPs alike who manage multiple customers, we recommend you to switch to the MSP plan so that you can manage multiple customers with data integrity. We store all the data in a separate storage space so that there is no cross-data access. To switch to MSP Plan refer our KBase here

It will allow you to create dashboards for customers and give user based roles for individual customer accounts. Other features include white labelling and configuring custom domain for your customers.



As an MSP you can still manage all customer monitors from MSP home page where you will have an overview of statuses for all your customers and importantly have single billing. For more, please refer our help documentation


Group monitors and give access to specific users

Alternatively if you have a single account but still want to restrict users accessing certain monitors, you can configure users to gain access to particular monitor groups. 

In this case we will show only the monitors which they have access to. However, we will still show the list of all the dashboards but inside the dashboard, users that don't have access to monitors will be shown access denied message in the dashboard widget.

Hope this clarifies how to manage your customers with Site24x7.


PM, Site24x7


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