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Resource check

Hi, I've setup a resource check to monitor a text value of "RESET" in a .txt file. If the text exists the agent goes into trouble as expected.

Why then does the trouble alert disappear a minute later obviously when the agent polls again.

The text still exists and I don't want the alert to disappear until the text is gone. The text is removed by a scheduled task.



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Re: Resource check

Hi Simon,

Currently, we don't support this feature via checks. But, this can be done using our plugin integrations. 

I will update this thread with a content check plugin at the earliest.




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Re: Re: Resource check

Hi Simon,

We have updated the existing file monitoring plugin to include content check. This plugin supports all the file based server resource checks in Site24x7.

You can download the plugin from our Github repository. Follow the steps in the ReadMe file to start using the plugin.




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