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REST-API-based Cisco Meraki monitoring

Monitoring the health and performance of Cisco Meraki devices helps ensure proper network operations. Acquire real-time availability monitoring for your Cisco Meraki devices from the cloud using REST APIs. Eliminate the need to install an On-Premise Poller, directly query from your Meraki APIs, and stay on top of your Meraki devices.

Note: You can still monitor your Cisco Meraki devices via SNMP using the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller.

Cisco Meraki availability monitoring

  • Monitor the availability of your Cisco Meraki switches, wireless devices, cameras, and security appliances.
  • Track the response time and packet loss of your security appliances.

Cisco Meraki alerts

  • Obtain better control over your Cisco Meraki devices by receiving alerts when your devices go down.
  • Configure thresholds for key performance metrics.
  • Receive alerts through email, SMS, and voice calls.
  • You can also receive alerts through third-party ITSM and collaboration tools your organization uses.
    Cisco Meraki Monitoring

Getting started

Add your Meraki organization and devices to Site24x7 and get started with monitoring. Drop your feedback and questions in a comment below.

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