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Script to Enable Automation Mode on Hosts by Reinstalling Site 24by7 Agents Windows hosts


1. Retrieve your device key form the Site 24 by 7 Portal

2. From the same portal install Site24x7WindowsAgent.msi on whatever host you have access to. Put in in C:\Temp

3. WinRM needs to work between hosts.

Here is the script:

$today = Get-Date -UFormat '%Y-%m-%d_%H%M'
Start-Transcript -Path "C:\Temp\Site24x7InstallLog-"+$today+".txt"

#Here is where you specify your target machines

$targetHosts = @(

function InstallSite24 {
  $installerPath = 'C:\Temp\Site24x7WindowsAgent.msi'
   #PUT DEVICE KEY FROM SITE 24 BY 7 BELOW after the =
     if (Test-Path $installerPath) {
        Write-Host "The Site24x7 Windows agent installer was found at $installerPath."
        Write-Host "The following hosts will have the Site24x7 Windows agent installed and automation mode enabled:`n$($targetHosts -join "`n")" -ForegroundColor Yellow
        $confirm = Read-Host "Confirm? (y/n)"        if ($confirm -eq 'y') {
            foreach ($targetHost in $targetHosts) {
                Write-Host "Uninstalling existing Site24x7 Windows agent from $targetHost ..."
                Invoke-Command -ComputerName $targetHost {
                    $site24Agent = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product  | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq "Site24x7 Windows Agent"}
                    Write-Host $site24Agent -ForegroundColor Cyan
                }                Write-Host "Copying Site24x7 Windows agent installer to $targetHost ..."
                $session = New-PSSession -ComputerName $targetHost
                Copy-Item -Path $installerPath -ToSession $session -Destination 'C:\Temp' 
                #Copy-Item -Path $installerPath -Destination "\\$targetHost\C$\Temp"                Write-Host "Installing Site24x7 Windows agent on $targetHost ..."
                Invoke-Command -ComputerName $targetHost -ScriptBlock {
                    $path = 'C:\Temp\Site24x7WindowsAgent.msi' 

$args = "/i `"$path`" EDITA1=$deviceKey automation=true /qn"
                    $lastExitCode = (Start-Process -FilePath 'msiexec.exe' -ArgumentList $args -Wait -PassThru).ExitCode                   

if ($lastExitCode -eq 0) {
                        Write-Host "Site24x7 Windows agent installed successfully on $($env:COMPUTERNAME)." -ForegroundColor Green
                    else {
                        Write-Host "Site24x7 Windows agent installation failed on $($env:COMPUTERNAME). Exit code: $($lastExitCode)" -ForegroundColor Red
                } -ArgumentList ($deviceKey)
        elseif ($confirm -eq 'n') {
            Write-Host "Aborting installation."
        else {
            Write-Host "Invalid response. Please enter 'y' or 'n'."
    else {
        Write-Host "The Site24x7 Windows agent installer was not found at $installerPath. Aborting installation."
    } Write-Host "Please confirm the host list is correct:`n$($targetHosts -join "`n")" -ForegroundColor Cyan
    $confirm = Read-Host "Confirm? (y/n)"if ($confirm -eq 'y') {
else {
        Write-Host "Aborting installation."


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Hi Robert,
 Great to know that you have written the script. We encourage you to share this in our GitHub repository.
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