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Send reports to non-registered e-mail



I need to send reports to some people that dont have the user registered in my site24x7 portal.

How can I send a daily report, for examplo, to a distribution list or specific user not registered in site24x7?




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Hi There,

   Your requirement is not available as of now but we would take this as a feature request.

   However, In-order for you to send out report to users, they should be added first to your Site24x7 portal under Admin-> Users & Alerts. Once the respective users receive the request, they have to confirm and accept the invitation. You can make use of Site24x7 User role and assign the user(s) as read-only role while adding them if needed.

User Module Help Link

After adding the user(s), You can create a User Group from  Admin-> User Alert Group and add the respective user(s) to the group and use Schedule report option under Admin-> Report Settings-> Scheduled reports to configure and send out to that group based on you requirement.

Schedule Report Help Link




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