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Site24x7 CloudSpend Product Roadmap 2021

Pandemic forced a lot of businesses to adopt digital transformation, in a rapid manner. Public clouds assisted this adoption but there was a need to drive efficient spending on IT. Organizations had to strike a balance between speed and spending in this adoption phase and required a third eye over their spending across the board.

 So far, we have concentrated on giving an in-depth visualization of the AWS spending, where one shall drill down to the cost of a resource and use the power of tags to achieve any level of cost segregation and budgeting. This year, we are planning to expand our depth and breadth across the product .

 A gist of what's expected this year...


Azure CloudSpend 

We had a very successful pre beta program for Azure CloudSpend and we thank our customers for the same. We are planning to release the support for Azure this year.  


Monitoring Integration 

We are planning to integrate cost data with our monitoring stats contextually. This will open up a wide range of possibilities to maintain the respective cloud accounts. This will help us give better insights, via our Guidance Report and build a better recommendation platform.


Daily Spending

Our reports, budgets and views are quite robust with monthly estimations but we have understood from the customers that daily data is something that will help them understand the pattern of spending within a month as well. So, this is at the top of our release list this year


Budget History 

We have an excellent support for budgets, with a lot of flexible options but customers are in need of the historical view of their spending against the budgeted value. We are planning to give an in-depth overview of the customer budgets over a period .


Custom Reports

We are planning to bring in a more customized reporting option, where a customer shall create their widget for each cost component or tag profile and have a dashboard designed out of it.



Cost forecasting is the best indicator of what's the expected accrued spending at the end of the month or year. We plan to use AI to give the best approximation, so that, the customer shall be better prepared to tune their budgets accordingly.


Resource Inventory

We are planning to provide an in-depth view of the resource utilization . Customers should be able to slice and dice to understand their utilization levels at each category. Adding to this, with cost estimation, the customers get the power of right sizing.


Our roadmap is subject to change based on market trends, but our focus to provide you with the best possible product experience in terms of features based on feedback remains steadfast. 

Do not miss to check out our Site24x7 Roadmap .


Team Site24x7.

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any news about Azure CloudSpend?

We are very interested in it!





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Dear Torsten, 

    We have Azure CloudSpend as a private beta and we are giving access on a request basis. We haven't covered all major billing types and hence no announcement yet. If you are interested please contact us through support@site24x7.com. We would be glad to onboard you. 

If anyone else is interested in early bird access for Azure CloudSpend please contact us and we'll be happy to get you in.


Site24x7, PM

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Dear Torsten,

We are excited to announce that, we have released the beta version of Azure CloudSpend to help you save your Azure cloud bills.

With the CloudSpend you can:

  • Rightsize resources
  • Create Budgets and Forecasts
  • Analyze spend trends
  • Gain effective chargebacks

Try our new Azure CloudSpend feature, which is absolutely free during the beta period for all Evaluation and Paid customers of CloudSpend, and leave your valuable feedback below in the comments section!

Team Site24x7 CloudSpend.

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