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Site24x7 Product Roadmap for 2022

2021 saw everyone adopt hybrid work. The pandemic has catalyzed the adoption of digital transformation among organizations from startups to large enterprises. The digital world has transformed every one of us, and we adapted to the changes and thrived in the digital world. Innovations were layered into business, and products, organizations, and most importantly people became more resilient.

The monitoring landscape became robust and so did our backend processes. 2021 was a year during which we focused on our product stability to become stronger, more secure, and scale better for our growing customer base. We focused on improving security in all our agents and will continue to give this effort the highest importance in the years to come.

As we enter 2022, we will focus on fulfilling your expectations with dedication and hard work. This year, we will be posting summaries of important features expected to be released in the short-term. This is our first post in this year's roadmap series.

Enhancing the overall product experience

We will continue to invest our efforts in making the overall user experience in the product better and simpler. Search and filtering in the client are a work in progress and will see significant improvements and unification in the product. Along with this, we plan to improve our reporting and dashboard capabilities this year. 

With AI becoming an integral part of the product, we plan to enhance its capabilities for all performance metrics, anomaly dashboard enhancements, and much more.

This year we plan to release a TV app for Site24x7 that can be installed in NOC rooms. We plan to bring in a host of improvements in our mobile app, including metric visualization support for all monitor types.

Platform features

We are continuing to enhance user and alert management. The Notification Profile feature will see significant improvements, which will have business hour configurations along with options to choose specific notification mediums for different statuses. This will help organizations customize their notification mediums for alerts along with business hours. 

As IT grows more complex with modern infrastructure, so does alert noise. We are building a simple alert digest to consolidate alerts for relevant monitor groups or tags and send them as a single alert. We have found that our own operations reduced alert noise by 30% with this implementation. We are excited to bring this feature to you.

In the coming year, one of our main areas of focus will be integrating features deep into your IT ecosystem and in CI/CD pipelines. We will link tickets from ITSM tools to improve incident-related recommendations. We will add new integrations throughout the year based on your requests.

Incident response and management

The on-call schedule we started last year will be released this year. This will help you administer relevant resources to resolve alarms faster. Our apologies for the delay in release. However, the good news is we are in private beta now. If you are interested in early access please comment here. We'll give you access to it. 

Along with alert consolidation mentioned in Platform features, alarms will see improvements to address the incidents in your applications and infrastructure. We'll be posting updates related to this more as we bring in contextual capabilities to resolve incidents faster.

Web and synthetic monitoring

Waterfall charts for synthetic transactions, interactive RCA troubleshooting across services, better user experience in recording synthetic transactions along with enhanced report and dashboard capabilities are in the works for this year.

Infrastructure, cloud, and virtualized environments

With more and more cloud adoption, every organization has resources to be managed in multiple clouds and on-premises environments. On the other hand, containers have become a significant part of the IT infrastructure. We will add more performance metrics for Kubernetes and introduce Prometheus-based monitoring. We'll also be adding more log collections for cluster-like components and integrate them seamlessly into monitoring for contextual troubleshooting. This year, we plan to bring in inventory reports across cloud and on-premises infrastructures. 

We will be working on providing meaningful RCA for all our cloud services. We will continue our efforts to bring in new services across the cloud and new recommendations for our robust guidance report. 

VMware cluster monitoring, VMware NSX monitoring, events ingestion, and HyperV enhancements will be part of the virtualization monitoring roadmap. 

We've had many requests to monitor custom metrics as important business KPIs in correlation with performance metrics. To cater to this need, we will be enabling customers to send any metric to Site24x7 that needs constant monitoring and alerting. Look out for this feature this year. 

A lot of improvements in usability are planned to be released this year for plugins including better deployment methods. 


Application logs have become vital in troubleshooting performance bottlenecks and incidents along with infrastructure KPIs and application KPIs. Last year, we brought in alerting support for AppLogs. This year our focus will be to seamlessly integrate logs into every infrastructure and application that's being monitored. This will help DevOps and IT teams debug incidents with context. Along with this, we will support multiple log patterns in the same log type, filtering on the agent side, and external archiving for longer retention of logs.   

APM Insight and RUM

We've seen a large number of companies adopt APM Insight and gain value from using it. With the integration of metrics and logs, we will give contextual RCA for applications that are monitored in real time. We believe DevOps teams will benefit from all information residing in a single place and have a single source of truth. 

As the industry moves towards open-telemetry standards, we will be supporting data formats for open-telemetry. We are also building exporters into our solution that help ingest this data.   

We will be offering alerting support for app parameters, components, and exceptions. This will help customers take proactive actions on anomalous components and errors. 

RUM will see enhancements in reports and dashboards. This year, we will focus on troubleshooting WAN engineering issues with RUM and support for compressed JS files. 

Network performance monitoring

This year's main focus for network monitoring will be releasing the network configuration manager, adding the latest network device templates, and moving to our latest SNMP collector. We will continue to focus on bringing in features that will help network administrators focus on getting notifications for the right KPIs.

Thank you for choosing Site24x7. It is you, our customers, that have driven the product to where it is today. As we scale along with you, our focus is to satisfy your monitoring needs in the fast-paced IT world and make the overall experience smooth and simple. Continue to share your feedback and help us better help you. 

From all of us at Site24x7 and Zoho, we wish you a safe and happy New Year.


The Site24x7 team

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I would like to be included in the private beta for incident management.

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I would like to be part of the private beta thanks


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Dear Paul and guest,

    We will be mapping your current settings with the new one and would want confirmation from your side for the mapped ones.  Can you please contact us at support@site24x7.com so that we can share the details?

Please mention in the subject "Incident response beta access". We'll take it from there. 


Site24x7, PM

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Re: notification profile and ability to set business hours.  It would also be helpful to set "operational hours" for a specific application or a group of applications.  Could this be considered for inclusion in the development roadmap?


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Re: RUM development.  Would it be possible to anomalously uniquely identify each user interaction in RUM?  Different users, use different devices, with different configurations to interact with with an application and sometimes it is useful to be able to follow a specific user interaction with an application.  

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I'd be interested in beta testing of the incident management feature

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Thank you for the insight into the product roadmap.

The APM product family in Site24x7 appears to be useful, but is hampered by documentation that is narrow in scope. Documentation seems to be focussed on agent installation from the perspective of the original developer, without thinking from the customer's prespective. More use case documentation would be useful with how-to guides or real world examples.

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Great to see you are adding increased functionality with applogs. Will you be increasing the the usage limits of log files that can be stored to take advantage of this. It is very easy to go over storage and ingress quotas at the moment

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Hi there,

We have released the GA version of Site24x7's Network configuration manager (NCM). Try it now to automate configuration backups, track changes, restore configurations, and receive alerts on configuration changes. Please explore the product and provide your feedback.



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