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Site24x7 product roadmap for 2024

In 2023, we brought in product capabilities catering to the growing observability needs of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud ecosystems and we bridged gaps in the contextual unification of data across the layers in the IT stack. Our early decision to have full-stack visibility and our efforts to support data collection across the layers have enabled Site24x7 to pivot into the observability platform that it is today. 

In 2024, our focus will remain on strengthening the unified experience that we offer. The roadmap includes the correlation of the data that we have, holistic RCA in any layer of the IT stack, a simplified user experience, improved visualizations, and application security.


We have made significant progress with our event correlation, which we mentioned in last year's roadmap. As organizations onboard their entire stack and make it observable, our correlation engine is taking shape in analyzing and correlating events as well as mapping and updating dependencies so as to pinpoint the root causes. You'll soon hear more on this in a special update.

Contextual integrations continue

We are continuing to put our efforts into contextual integrations to present performance metrics and RCA data that cut across layers. Examples of this include the recent integration of synthetic transactions into APM Insight (which helps DevOps engineers navigate with just a click to the application code that caused a step to fail) and the integration of budget alerts from ManageEngine CloudSpend (our FinOps product shown on the Alarms page). 

In 2024, one of our goals is to integrate with infrastructure automation tools so as to tie the CI/CD pipelines together with our platform seamlessly. In addition to this, we will be ingesting and consuming relationships from CMDBs for better incident management and a faster MTTR. 

Platform features

In 2024, we will release an all-new custom dashboard experience with new visualizations and better usability for creating dashboard templates for monitors and monitor groups. We will also enhance our custom reports to evolve into a holistic experience in terms of generating and upscaling the reports.

Platforms like Microsoft Teams have become the go-to applications for communication and collaboration. In 2024, we will focus on not just integrating alerts but also enabling customers to share reports, dashboards, and other notifications through the various collaboration platforms they've integrated with.  

Modern infrastructure insights 

As organizations augment their digital journey with the adoption of the cloud, newer technologies like Kubernetes play a vital role in this adoption. However, they also bring in a layer of complexity for the IT teams handling operations. To help DevOps engineers handle Kubernetes workloads, we introduced Kubernetes monitoring last year. 

With the short life cycle of workloads like containers, just monitoring isn't enough. Making them observable provides deeper insights into the microservices that run on them. Our focus in 2024 will be on seeing applications and Kubernetes workloads with a single lens and converging them for the autoscaling nature of the workloads. Along with this, we will continue to focus on new services and adding guidance report best practices. 

Network monitoring

In 2024, our network monitoring stack (network performance monitoring, Network Configuration Manager, NetFlow Analyzer, and more) will have a unified onboarding experience instead of the disparate one that exists today. For event correlation to be complete, finding the dependencies and mapping the relationships in the network are vital. We will enhance our Layer 2 maps and make every device and interface relatable and observable, thus enabling correlation from a network perspective.

 As cloud technologies have matured, we've found a gap: a lack of visibility into the cloud network space. To address this, our team is working on capabilities to bring cloud network observability into Site24x7. This will help network teams gain insights into the issues that occur in the cloud through a network lens.

APM Insight

APM Insight has given us the ability to make Site24x7 truly observable. A gap we will address in 2024 is the inability to detect anomalies for components (like finding anomalous behavior in database calls and outbound HTTP calls) and set up alerts for them. With the addition of this capability, DevOps and site reliability engineers will be able to zoom in on the root cause with clear context, greatly helping with troubleshooting and finding the root cause faster. Along with this, we'll focus a lot more on application security, targeting DevSecOps. 

Digital experience monitoring

Deep RCA of an incident with analysis data to triage the problem will be one of the main focus areas in 2024 for the end-user experience monitoring segment. This includes seamless correlation wherever available and on-demand polling to fetch contextual information for the fully qualified domain names.  

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes help end users reach the internet via the best path. In 2024, we plan to bring in BGP monitoring to help ensure uninterrupted application access from outside WANs. 

We also plan to bring in synthetic mobile app monitoring with the ability to record and replay a mobile application (iOS or Android) to identify any breakage in business flows.

Site24x7 MSP

This year, we will prioritize ensuring that multiple customer accounts and monitors can be seamlessly switched between and drilled down to in the MSP edition as part of our usability enhancement. Along with this, we plan to include certain reporting and license reporting capabilities in 2024.

2023 saw customers consolidate different monitoring and observability solutions with us to create a single source of truth. This trust has renewed our focus on propelling into new technologies, identifying gaps, and addressing them as a whole. We aim to achieve all of this in 2024. Without your faith and support, this wouldn't be possible. 

From all of us at ManageEngine Site24x7 and Zoho, we wish you all a happy new year and a prosperous 2024. 


The Site24x7 team

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Thank you for sharing the roadmap plans.

I’m particularly interested in the proposed changes to Network Performance Monitoring. Currently, the NPM lacks the visibility and insight needed to provide a comprehensive overview of interface utilization.

We hope that these improvements will be implemented this year.

Thank you.

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your response. I am happy to inform you that our team has finished developing the Performance Reports feature for network interfaces and is currently in the final testing phase. As soon as we complete the testing phase and the feature is ready to be launched, we will notify you on the community page.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Feel free to add your feedback as comments below.


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