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Sites Down" False Alerts"

we're receiving many times ( down alerts )

for our sites. when were browsing the sites they're up and

accessible without issues. The Alerts still showing sites are down on

multiple locations. what's the best practice for sites configurations. 

i'm using similar to the following:

Check Frequency= 5min

*Case sensitive = No

 * Http Response Header Severity = Trouble
* Threshold Type= Static Threshold
* Response time threshold for primary monitoring location =  5 Value poll 
* Number of locations to report monitor as down = all selected locations

could help and support with your advice. Regards

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Re: Sites Down" False Alerts"

Hi There, 

  Are you getting DOWN status alerts or is it a critical or Trouble alert?

  What is your primary location and secondary location(s)?

  What is the connection timeout value you have set? Connection timeout can be found under Advanced configuration tab (its 15 secs by default).

 Typically, if the time taken to connect is more there will be a connection timeout and that would throw a down time.

   Is your website accessible publicly without login? Or do you need to login to your website? If yes, I hope you have set your authentications correctly.

We'll check this anyway and let you know.  


PM, Site24x7

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Re: Re: Sites Down" False Alerts"

Dear Jasper,


Thanks for your response. 

I'm defending Trouble alert for monitoring sites alerts 

websites accessible public with no login.

 id didn't configure the profile before, if you can guide me how to get the pimary and secondary location or check below if my way is correct or not in checking the location


i choose : Admin panel> configuration profile > Location Profile to check the location primary or secondary 

i found the below:'

Primary location is: Asia Pacific | Jakarta , nango, chennai, Tokyo, Riyadh .... etc


Q: does it make different if i choose all sites as primary ! 



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Re: Re: Re: Sites Down" False Alerts"

i the below:

Primarry is: Asia Pacific / Jakarta 

secondary is // 


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Sites Down" False Alerts"

Dear Mshari,

    Generally it is a good practice to have atleast 3 secondary locations so that when a website is not reachable from one location Site24x7 can check for other locations along with our false alert negation logic. From what you have said it looks like only 1 location is configured. 


PM, Site24x7

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