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Splunk Integration

Hi folks, we recently started using 24*7 for monitoring our external facing sites and we are looking at options to onboard the data to on prem splunk.

We want to collect only availability related data and do not want to onboard everything available.

Anyone successfully did splunk integration can share any useful link/doc to start with? 

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Re: Splunk Integration

Dear Cheenu,

        All data from Site24x7 can be fetched via our RESTful APIs. Have you tried using them? Not sure if Splunk on-prem supports ingestion via APIs but here is the Site24x7's API documentation link for fetching availability metrics https://www.site24x7.com/help/api/#basic-availability-by-monitor.  This is a good place to start.


Let us know if this helps. 


Site24x7, PM 

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Re: Splunk Integration

You will need to build your own app to pull that data in using API more than likely.

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