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Status Page Announcements

Would there be a way to export announcements in a text file? Could that be considered a future enhancement? A scheduled report that can email current announcements would add automation to an internal process of sharing the announcements for compliance purposes. Currently we email them manually and we were looking for a way to make the process more efficient. 

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Re: Status Page Announcements

Hello Dana,

We have stopped doing enhancements for status pages in Site24x7 and soon we are going to deprecate it.

We have released Site24x7 Signals, hosted status pages product from Site24x7. It's currently in Beta and accessible by all our paid customers. You can access signals here.

In signals, we have provided the option to notify subscribers whenever you create/update incidents and maintenance.

Add the email address to which you have to send notifications in Subscribers --> Add Subscribers or you can bulk upload to all the email addresses that should receive notification for the incidents posted/updated. Ask them to confirm their subscription to start receiving notification emails.

Subscribers Help Link


Other features supported in Site24x7 Signals

* Subscribers - End users can subscribe to status page and receive updates via email.
* Can Automate component status update via email and Site24x7.
* Component group support.
* Customisable logo, Favicon and footer.
* Custom Domain and Custom Sender email for notifications.
* Restrict status page access to specific IP ranges.
* Can view status page data in browser time zone and also has option to change timezone and much more...

View Signals Demo here 

Read Signals help docs here


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Re: Status Page Announcements

Could Signals be enhanced to include an announcements banner to be displayed near the top of the page? 

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Re: Re: Status Page Announcements

Hi Dana,

Yes, we have this feature on our road map, we are going to bring an option for making general announcements(not related to outages/scheduled maintenance) which would be shown at the top in public status page. We have planned to release this feature by this month end.

We will update this space once it is done.


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