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Status page logos for multiple brands

I am creating status pages for multiple brands.  As I see it now, a custom logo is applied across all status pages.  Is there a way to set logos per status page?

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We apologize for a delay in reply.

As of now we do not have an option to set custom logo per status page. We are working on revamping status pages ,we would try to bring in the feature you asked for.

Would you please let us know

How many status pages you want to have ?
Do you want to host each Status page on a separate custom domain or one custom domain for all your status pages?
Do you like to have option for White-label Branding in Site24x7 Status Pages (Choose to hide or show "Powered by Site24x7.com" ) ?

Thanks for your interest in Site24x7

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Thanks for the response.  For our use case, we would most likely have around 5 or 6 differently branded status pages; I couldn't see us ever needing more than a dozen.  Separate domains would be a nice feature that I could see other's using, but right now is not a part our needs.  And yes, the white-labeling is nice option.

If you are working on changes for status pages, some suggestions.  I initially found it unintuitive (but now understand the reasoning behind it) having to go Admin->Report Settings->Customize Report to change the look of a status page.  I felt like that kind of aesthetic change belonged either on Status Page itself, or under the Edit window.

Thanks you



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Thank you for you reply and suggestions. We will definitely try to incorporate changes you have said in our status page revamp.


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I love this idea, the current state of status pages makes it almost useless for us, we would prefer to not have any site24x7 branding at all and being able to load a customer logo would be super beneficial for us.  

Bulk creation of status pages via monitors (1:1 creation) or by groups would be awesome as well, we have a need for ~400 status pages currently.  

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Hi Drew,

We have an option for uploading custom logo(Admin->Report Settings->Customize Report) in Site24x7. The same uploaded logo will be used for both Status Pages and Customized Reports , but option for custom logo per Status Page is currently not available.

We will add the feature of bulk creation of status pages via monitors/monitor groups in our feature road map and would notify you in the same thread once it is done.


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Now we support Custom logo, footer, background colour, text colour etc. per status page in our new enhanced Status Page product Signals. Please check the screenshot below. 


Along with this, we support many other features in Signals, few of which are listed below 

* Subscription - Can subscribe to status page updates via email. 
* Component group support. 
* Can automate component status update via email and Site24x7. 
* Can view status page data in browser time zone and also has the option to change the timezone and much more...

Please try out and offer your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Check out Signals demo here.

Help doc link: https://www.site24x7.com/help/signals/

- Laxmikanth

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