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Site24x7 is now a verified Terraform provider


Our monitoring journey has always been fueled by your input and suggestions. A popular feature request we got from customers was a Site24x7 provider in Terraform. We are delighted to inform you that Site24x7 is now a verified HashiCorp Terraform provider and can be used by all engineers.

Terraform is an open-source, Infrastructure-as-Code tool that helps developers create configurations in both cloud and on-premises platforms. With Terraform, DevOps engineers can automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of their infrastructures.

How can the Site24x7 provider help you?

Creating a new monitor in Site24x7 might require you to log in, fill in forms, and set a configuration. But, with Terraform's Site24x7 provider, you can manage the selected monitor types easily and efficiently.

Read our help documentation for more information and visit our Site24x7 provider registry to try out the new Site24x7 provider.

Please feel free to share your feedback in a comment.


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Happy monitoring!

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