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threshold profile

what is the exact difference between disk-utilisation and partition-disk-utilisation thresholds in the threshold page?

is there also a difference between windows and linux instance monitoring?
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The disk utilization threshold will help you to trigger alerts for overall usage. Partition disk utilization threshold is applicable for each partitions implemented on a disk. 

The difference is we use WMI queries to collect the Windows servers metrics such, CPU, memory, etc. In Linux, we use commands such as top, free, df, etc to get the server metrics. 
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ok thanks so far ... but now I have this question:

Under Home I select a Server --> I get Details about CPU, Memory, etc and I get a List of Windows Harddisks or Linux Mounts. If I click on the Action-Button on that Windows Harddisk Drive or Linux Mount I get a new Dialog where I can define a Threshold in Percent for the Drive/Mount.

I also can define a Threshold for partition-disk-utilisation in the Server-Threshold Profile.

So where is the exact difference?
Are both working idendently?
Documentation does not say anything about that ...

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The partition disk utilization available under edit monitor's page will trigger alerts if any one of the Harddisk Drive or Linux mounts exceeds the threshold value. 

If you would like to receive alerts only for a particular Harddisk Drive or Linux mount, then you can enable the threshold value by clicking on Action-Button displayed for each Drive or Mounts under monitors detailed page.

Hope this clears. Let me know if you have any further questions. 

- Rafee 
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