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Update process monitor name or add a tag

It would be great if we could rename, or add more information, to a process monitor. Example,

We have a server running postfix. I put that in the monitor so we can know if it dies, it and it shows up with

Name = 'master'
Path = '/usr/libexec/postfix/master'

This is strictly true, but not helpful, as we're simply alerted that 'process master' isn't working, which is non-helpful.

Email isn't working - we need to be Johnny-On-The-Spot and get that working again!

So if we could update that field, add a tag, or a displayname, that would be super-awesome.

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Re: Update process monitor name or add a tag

Hi Brian,

Sure, we will take this up as a feature enhancement and update in this thread once it is ready.

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