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Variables in custom plugins

Does Site24x7 handle variables?

The most basic example

if I deploy the sample script out to 20 servers then look at Plugins from the website they all have the same name "Process Monitor" Should it not populate the hostname in similar fashion to the way the IIS section is handled?

Can you pass to the script variables from Site24x7? 


Thanks Jason



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Re: Variables in custom plugins

Hi Jason,

In plugins, we append the server monitor's name to the plugin display name by default.

In the example mentioned above, I believe that you are referring to the sample Windows plugin that is provided in the Site24x7 web client. There we have a variable called "displayname" which is configured as "Process Monitor" in the sample script. If the "displayname" is configured in the plugin script itself, we will not append the server name to the plugin monitor's display name.

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