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WHMCS Integration?

I found a press release online that stated Site24x7 and WHMCS had setup integration. When I called Support after I signed up for my trial, they stated that it was broken and not supported any longer. Please advise. 

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We paused this integration for now after we moved to a Zoho SSO. We will revisit this integration in future.

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Thank you for the update as to what happened. Do you have a road map or time-frame Development will re-visit?
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Sorry I am coming in late here. 

I would like to know more about how you are planning to use the WHMS integration. One limitation our integration may have is we will not be able to provide full rebranding when we do the integration with WHMCS. The reports could have your logo, the product web client too could have your logo, but the authentication screen / domain URL can not be changed. We did have this previously though.

The reason for this limitation is the concerns raised by our Security Team. To improve our overall online security and the privacy and security of end users of our online service, we have to stick to these guidelines. 

However the ease of purchase by your customers and all other user experience we can take care of. 

We would like to know your comments on that.

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Hi Jmuni,

We have brought the Site24x7-WHMCS integration back! Please refer to this post for the latest updates. Feel free to share your feedback and requirements, if any.


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