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Windows Service restart automation

I need an automation solution I can assign to a Windows Service monitor that can restart the service.

The only solution I found in Site24x7 is to add the 'display name' of the service in question.

If I need to do this for every service, it is time consuming and it will generate too automations.

Is it possible to have one generic automation containing variables linking to the service monitor to which it will be assigned ?  Thanks

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You can try to use $FAILED_SERVICE as service name.

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Hello Stefaan,

Hope you are doing great.

As Johan has stated, you can use $FAILED_SERVICE in the Service Name field for Windows Service IT Automation template and select $LOCALHOST in the Select Hosts for Service Action Execution field. This template can be associated to the services you monitor. 

In your server monitors' Threshold and Availability profile set "Yes" in the Notify when service/process is down field and associate this IT automation template to the servers. 

Once a service goes down, IT Automation will auto-remediate by starting the service. For detailed instructions, you can refer to our help documentation on IT Automation for Windows Services monitoring.

@Johan Strand - We sincerely appreciate your efforts and time to help a fellow Site24x7 patron. You make our user community friendly and more helpful.

Happy monitoring!
Site24x7 Team.
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