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Workstation monitoring only after agent connects

We have an number of remote workstations that are only turned on when staff are present at the site that need to be monitored when running. This situation precludes using maintenance schedules to prevent monitoring as the workstations can be turned on at any time and turned off later that day. It would be very useful to have an option to commence monitoring only when the remote agent makes contact so that alerts are not being raised when the workstations are not turned on.

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Re: Workstation monitoring only after agent connects

Hi there, 

   Thanks for raising this here. What workstations do you use? Are they VMWare VDIs, AWS Workspaces, Azure VDIs, desktops/laptops or special interfaces to login?

Is there any software that the remote agent (employee?) needs to check-in/check-out before they start work. ?

The reason I'm asking is, we need to have a foolproof check point so that we check that and suppress the alerts. Any hints you think can be used for our software to check while login will be helpful.


PM, Site24x7

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