Site24x7 AppLogs: Log management simplified!

With the release of our AppLogs feature, you can now collect, consolidate, index, search, monitor, and manage your application logs across datacenters from a single intuitive dashboard.

Isolate flaws in your network using Network Route Map.

Use our Network Route Map feature to visually gauge the network path, latency, and performance details at every node between a source and destination server. Identify blind spots in your network causing slowdowns or outages, and take corrective measures before your customers are affected.

Monitor your .NET desktop applications with APM Insight .NET agent.

Analyze the time taken by the events and transactions, and debug errors right from their point of origin. You can also monitor the performance of Windows services developed in .NET using .NET agent.

AWS GovCloud (US) and AWS China region support.

Now observe and stay alerted on resource usage and performance of infrastructure and PaaS services powering your deployments no matter where they reside in the AWS cloud.

Additional AWS cloud service integrations.

Get end-to-end visibility into your data pipeline, all the way from source to destination by monitoring every component of your Kinesis streaming platform. With support for Kinesis Data Streams, Video Streams, Firehose, and Data Analytics, you can collect, visualize, and alert on an array of usage metrics to optimize the performance of your real-time application with ease.

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  • Monitoring support for Elastic Beanstalk
  • VMware Datastore Monitoring
  • Azure Monitoring
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