Pinpoint slow background transactions - Troubleshoot application issues faster

Identify slow background transactions

In today's complex web application environment, your application might be running hundreds, if not thousands, of 'behind-the-scenes' background transaction threads.

Site24x7 APM Insight discovers the back-end application transactions and allows you to pinpoint transactions that are affecting performance. Java and .NET agents in Site24x7 APM Insight include instrumentation of general classes and methods allowing background transactions that pass through these classes to be identified and monitored.

Background Transactions Dashboard


  • Stay updated on the performance of background transactions in your application
  • Define custom classes & methods and monitor their performance using the Java agent
  • Gain insight into the trace of each background transaction. Identify slow performing components
  • Identify transactions on the basis of the most time consuming, slowest average response time and throughput.
  • Monitor your Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails web applications

Application performance troubleshooting has never been easier! Check out APM Insight Today!

Simple Tips to Help Diagnose and Prevent Windows Server Crashes

In Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft has included a tool known as the Best Practices Analyzer (BPA). BPA is an automated scanner which when run will check your server to ensure that it is configured for optimal performance, reliability and maximum security. While this tool is not a substitute for keeping atop of Windows Server trends, BPA helps to ensure that the most commonly exploited violations are blocked on your servers.

Here are a few proactive actions to simplify troubleshooting of your Windows server crashes Read more in our blogs.

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