Network Monitoring is now live: Complete infrastructure monitoring from the cloud.

We're excited to share the news of our Network Monitoring product going GA. With this announcement, we deliver unmatched visibility into the full tech stack of monitoring resources including network, server, and application from the cloud.


  • Monitor the performance of your network devices from the cloud (SaaS) using our secured firewall friendly architecture
  • Monitoring support for various types of network devices like routers, switches, firewalls, printers, load balancers, UPS, storage, WAN Accelerators and wireless
  • Automatically discover network devices using SNMP
  • Support for over 100 vendors and more than 1000 device types
  • Add multiple devices in one go by using an IP range
  • Optimize bandwidth allocation and ensure high network availability.

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Website Defacement Monitoring: Ensure integrity of your website.

With our brand new product Website Defacement Monitoring, you can spot actual defacements within the webpage via an intelligent baselining engine. You can now drill down and identify the exact modified values for all your defaced elements by accessing a visually appealing differential comparison report to gather intelligent insights on the defacement.


  • Ensure your website's integrity, and protect it from unauthorized attacks
  • Safeguard your brand's online identity by spotting defacements on your website and rectifying issues before your customers are affected
  • Detect defacement on the visible text content in a webpage
  • Detect defacement with respect to HTML elements such as "link, image, anchor, iframe, script" and various other elements in a webpage
  • Detect changes in an HTML element's 'href' or 'src' attributes when pointed to an unrelated domain
  • Monitor script and content modifications. Set flexible thresholds to suppress false alerts
  • Recover a defaced webpage in a single click. Negate any impact on search engine page rank and traffic due to a defaced webpage
  • Discover and setup monitoring for your critical pages using an intuitive setup wizard.

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Subgrouping in monitor groups.

With the new Subgrouping feature, you can set up nested subgroups up to five levels under your monitor groups and segment monitoring resources based on specific requirements like geography, function, or system. Additionally, you can also have the same monitor as part of multiple subgroups, so you can arrange monitors in a way that is most relevant to you.


  • Simplified high-level architectural view of your entire infrastructure grid
  • Group your entire business-critical monitors as one logical entity to facilitate easy monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Comprehend the average availability and performance across multiple monitors of the same type´┐Żall grouped under a single bracket. (For example, a unique subgroup for website monitors, Cassandra clusters, or API monitor).

Read more about subgrouping in our forums.

[New feature] Microsoft Cluster Monitoring.

Now you can measure the performance of your Microsoft failover cluster, a latest addition to our growing pool of monitoring Microsoft apps. You can now keep tab on nodes, cluster networks, storage stats, resource groups and much more in your Windows failover cluster using this feature.


  • Get a global status overview of all the nodes in a Windows cluster from a single, intuitive interface
  • Gain visibility into network messages communicated, and the resource type stats of your failover cluster
  • Monitor the storage utilization of Windows failover cluster, and oversee critical parameters such as size of the disk, free/used disk space and more.

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[APM Insight] Track code at a deeper level using enhanced Custom Instrumentation feature.

With our custom instrumentation feature for .NET agent, you can enable monitoring code at a deeper level. The .NET agent, by default, monitors and tracks all the relevant framework methods and components [most of the time, this is enough to drill down upon the issues], but to monitor application specific class/module or to monitor segments of a function or track calls to a third-party assembly, custom instrumentation will be the need of the hour.

Custom instrumentation in APM Insight .NET agent enables you to:

  • Include the desired assembly/class/method to monitor using API Manager
  • Add a few lines to the function code, using .NET Agent API.

While API Manager tracks at the function calls level, using .NET agent API will give more control and insights over the application's code, because when the function is large, each line could potentially be a performance bottleneck.

[APM Insight] Introducing Smart Sampling in Java agent version 3.0.

With our new Smart Sampling feature, the Java agent increases the sampling factor (percentage of transactions to be captured) when it detects high memory/CPU usage. When CPU/memory reaches upper limit, the agent ceases data collection until it comes down, and once these values reach a normal point, the agent resumes data collection and resets these values as per user configuration. In short, Smart Sampling ensures the user application does not face any performance issues due to our agent.

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  • Domain Expiry Monitoring
  • Tabular Reports
  • Bulk Actions in Alarms View

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