Analyze performance of your BizTalk server.

We're glad to announce support for monitoring BizTalk servers. With this latest capability you get instant and informative data critical to the functioning of Microsoft BizTalk server, facilitating effective exchange of documents between business partners.


Get deep insights on the current state of orchestrations and know the details on the active state like start, stop, bound or unbound and verify successful transfer of messages.

Delivery of messages.

Ensure efficient delivery of messages and gain inputs on pending message transfers, in addition to data on inbound and outbound latencies.

Adapter visibility.

Get complete visibility of various adapters and monitor messages received/sent per second and the active sessions manageable for any SMTP, POP3, FTP MSMQ, SQL and SOAP adapters at a given time.

Optimize your messaging performance.

Get detailed metrics for host throttling including the count for active instances, database sessions and message delivery delay.

Configure thresholds and stay alerted.

Set thresholds for various messaging parameters including host, message box and adapter performance, and be instantly notified when it exceeds.

BizTalk server monitoring

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Get deep visibility into app performance.

We have integrated IIS monitor with APM Insight .NET agent. This integration will allow you to get APM Insight's deep code level analyzing capabilities and IIS performance monitoring capabilities within the same UI.


  • Manual installation of the agent is no longer required. Simply toggle a switch on the IIS monitor page and we'll install the agent onto your machine.
  • Gain insights into IIS performance metrics such as GC for each generation, thread count and more.

Learn more about our application performance monitoring capabilities.

How customer experience effects devops success.

When you think of customer experience, DevOps probably is one of the last things that come to mind. In most businesses, UX planning, business development, sales, and marketing departments are the teams tasked with creating a product that fits the user.

Read our blog to learn steps you can take to improve customer experience and assist your teams in handling even the most demanding projects.

Announcement: Updated subscription billing module powered by Zoho Stores.

We are glad to introduce our new subscription billing module handled by Zoho Stores. With Zoho Stores you can effortlessly manage your Site24x7 account upgrade/downgrade, purchase add-ons and alert credits, and perform many such tasks easily. Additionally, payment methods like credit card, PayPal and purchase order are supported and seamlessly integrated with the new billing module.

Learn more in our help doc.

February webinars.

We have some interesting webinars lined up next month, topics ranging from the basics of Site24x7 to monitoring your AWS instances and Real User Monitoring (RUM). You'd surely not want to miss them.

Webinar: Site24x7 Overview
Description: Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure including private and public clouds and more, all from a single console.
When: Feb 3rd 2016 - 10:30 AM GMT | 10 AM PST
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Webinar: AWS Monitoring with Site24x7
Description: Monitor availability and performance of apps hosted in Amazon cloud. Learn how Site24x7 helps troubleshoot and resolve problems before end users get affected.
When: Feb 10th 2016 - 10:30 AM GMT | 10 AM PST
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Webinar: Real User Monitoring (RUM) the Site24x7 Way
Description: Learn how end users experience your apps and get in-depth understanding of problems affecting real users. Analyze app performance from every aspect.
When: Feb 24th 2016 - 10:30 AM GMT | 10 AM PST
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Visit our webinars page for more information on what's lined up for upcoming months.

Product Demos: Overview of Site24x7.

Participate in 30 minutes demo sessions that are led by our solution experts and gain in-depth understanding of the product. Experience the whole feature set and learn how you can effectively use Site24x7 to monitor and troubleshoot your resources from a single console.

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Let's meet.

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Sneak peek - All new client.

We're excited to inform you that your experience of using the Site24x7 client is going to improve multiple folds. Yes, we're coming out with an all new client that is based on AngularJS which is a JavaScript based MVC framework giving you a richer usability experience. Additionally, there are tons of UI enhancements that will make working with the Site24x7 client a lot smoother.

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