Tags: A smarter way to organize and manage your monitors.

Tags offer a powerful yet intuitive way to classify resources in your Site24x7 account. You can now categorize your Site24x7 resources in different ways, viz., by resource type, user role, environment, and more.

Tags help you manage and sort your Site24x7 monitors, its related alerts, and reports by adding your own custom metadata in simple name-value pairs and associating them with these resources.


  • Auto-sync any AWS system-generated tags with Site24x7
  • Search and filter monitors based on tags
  • Generate tag based reports for Summary, Availability Summary, Performance, and Health trend reports under individual monitor type
  • Schedule or publish reports based on tags.
Server monitoring: One minute polling interval for data collection.

We now support data collection with a polling frequency of one minute (in addition to the existing five minutes interval).

With data collection happening at one minute, you can now avoid unnecessary downtime and keep an eye on critical performance metrics including CPU, memory, network, disk, etc. to avoid bottlenecks and server performance issues.

Learn how to set this up and identify potential issues minute by minute, around the clock.

Real User Monitoring (RUM) with playback option.

Playback option in RUM allows you to analyze performance data variations and helps you visualize data across different geographies in a chosen time frame. For instance, when you playback performance data for the last 3 hours, you can view the variations that occur every 15 mins. Such granularity of data allows you to assess your application performance over various time periods to take actionable insights.

Automation for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

You can now automatically execute operational tasks on monitored AWS resources in response to alert events like threshold violation and monitor state changes.

For example, create an action profile to reboot an EC2 instance in response to a status check failure; stop an RDS instance when the number of connections drops below 10; invoke a lambda function; publish a message to an SNS topic and more.

LCU metrics support for your Classic Load Balancer.

If you're currently using a classic load balancer and are wondering about migrating to an application ELB to better suit your needs but are not sure about the cost implication, then these additional metrics could come in handy and help in estimating costs.

Infer how much you might get billed with the following metrics:

  • Estimated ALB active connection count
  • Estimated processed bytes
  • Estimated ALB new connection count
  • Estimated ALB consumed LCUs.
  • Track the performance of your network and ensure uptime and fault management of all your SNMP devices with our secure, firewall-friendly architecture. Watch video
  • Stay on top of server outages and performance issues. Monitor your entire infrastructure and get in-depth visibility into key performance indicators. Watch video
  • Track the availability and response time metrics and their compliance with the corresponding service level objectives. Watch video.

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  • Endpoint checks for S3 Objects
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