Site24x7 integrates Zapier
Now, without breaking a sweat, add custom actions when your website goes down
Zapier is a web-automation service that enables SaaS users integrate popular web applications that don't communicate with each other usually. And, they can do this without having to write any code.

With Site24x7- Zapier integration, you can now define custom actions to be executed in any third-party service when Site24x7 reports performance issues with your website.

For example, your operations team might be using a third-party service , say Trello, for organizing and tracking tasks. With the Site24x7-Zapier integration, you can create an automated task in your Trello board whenever you receive a new alert from Site24x7. And, the best part is you need not write any code to get this done! Learn More.

Site24x7 - Zapier Integration
Zapier supports more than 200 services, including some prominent ones like Zoho, Salesforce, Basecamp, Gmail , FindMyShift, HipChat, etc. You can also automate the workflow between Site24x7 and any of these 200+ services.
Now, Install Windows Server Monitoring Agent in Multiple Machines in a Single Go!

The Site24x7 Windows server monitoring feature requires you to install the agent in your Windows machines individually. Were you looking for an easier option? Well, we understood you!

With the launch of bulk installation for the Windows Server Monitoring agent, you can install our agent in multiple machines in a single go. We actually provide more ways than one to do this; via remote commands, your Active Directory logon script, or your custom scripts.

Monitoring capability for Windows machines has been a runaway success right from the launch, and we hope this will further enhance the usability of our Windows Server Monitoring Service.

Site24x7 - Windows Server Monitoring
Site24x7 APM Insight - Grab the iPad Contest. A great way to start off your Sys Admin Day!

Just sign up for Site24x7 APM Insight, monitor a few Java or .NET applications, and win a super cool Wi-Fi enabled, 32-GB Apple iPad with Retina display.


Sneak Peek
  • Capability to monitor AWS.
  • Capability to monitor a big virtualization platform.
  • A new look Android app.

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