Monitor your SMART Disks with the Linux monitoring agent.

Now you can auto-discover and monitor your SMART disks using the Linux agent, set thresholds and be notified on potential hardware disk failures.

Brand Reputation Monitoring.

Check your URLs against the Google Safe Browsing list and identify if your website has been subjected to malware or phishing attacks.

High Availability feature for On-Premise Poller.

You can now associate another On-Premise Poller to act as a standby poller in case of downtime. This failover mechanism ensures that monitoring is never interrupted when the pollers are down.

Agent configuration changes and enhanced monitoring support in .NET agent.

Agent configuration changes are now applied at application level. The same configurations can be applied for multiple applications via configuration profiles. Additionally, you can now generate health monitor diagnostic via command line, and skip transactions from monitoring.

AWS Monitoring enhancements.

S3 Objects Check: Check for the presence of objects in your S3 buckets and be notified of missing objects.

EMR Monitoring: Monitor EMR and ensure uninterrupted Big Data processing. Additionally, be notified on the status of the associated AWS services.

NAT Gateway: Check the status of the outbound traffic flow from your private subnets, monitor route tables and be notified of service disruptions.

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