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Enable Multi-user Login and
Customize Views for your Users

Multi-user Management | Configure Downtime Alerts | Did You Know?

Multi-user Management

Site24x7's multi-user management system provides various decision makers and IT team access to monitoring data. You can add/edit/delete users. You can customize their views and restrict their access level, according to your requirement.

Manage Users

For example, most web hosting companies usually have scheduled downtimes. In order to ensure that this scheduled downtime is captured in your reports, you can create a new user login for your web hosting company and allow them to create schedule downtimes. This scheduled downtime will then automatically reflect in your reports.

Scheduled Downtime

Configure Downtime Alerts

Site24x7 allows you to define downtime notifications and escalate the downtime when the issue persists. You can configure Site24x7 to alert you only when your website does not respond from 1, 2 or 3 monitoring locations. You can escalate the downtime, if it persists even after 3rd, 4th, or 5th downtime alert.

Did You Know?

You can manage the entire list of your websites, web applications and SSL certificates right from the "Home" tab. If you no longer wish to monitor certain websites, simply select them and click the Suspend button. The selected monitor(s) get suspended instantly.

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