Health Check for your Azure Deployments.

You can now monitor the health of your services, ensure reliable deployments and high availability of your services. Perform health checks during staged rollouts to detect any service health issues, troubleshoot, and reduce the scale of impact.

Agentless Server Monitoring.

You can now monitor your servers and collect metrics via SNMP and save the overhead of having to install an agent in every server.

Support for anomaly detection in Real User Monitoring.

You can now enhance your end user experience with anomaly detection in RUM. The KPIs are benchmarked and whenever there is a confirmed threshold breach, you will get alerted about the anomaly.


Collecting Elastic Load Balancer logs for monitoring:�The ELB logs stored in your AWS environment can now be collected via Lambda Function for monitoring. Index and quickly troubleshoot errors in the logs collected from�Classic Load Balancers,�Application Load Balancers and�Network Load Balancers.

Collect S3 logs using Lambda Function:Identify new log files added to your S3 buckets and collect them for monitoring using Lambda function.

CloudWatch logs:�Search for specific error codes or fields in the CloudWatch logs and analyse them for troubleshooting.

CloudTrail logs:�Track all account related activities in your AWS environment by collecting CloudTrail logs directly from your S3 buckets via a Lambda function.

CloudFront logs:�Keep an eye on CloudFront user requests by indexing them for monitoring and easily identify usage patterns.

VPC Flow logs:�Tighten your security measures by tracking the IP request logs in your VPC.

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