Site24x7 Launches Real User Monitoring Beta

Site24x7 Real User Monitoring provides deep insight into key performance metrics right from the initiation of the URL until the request is served back to the browser. Application performance can be split into network, back-end and front-end components, all of which help developers tailor applications to be more fluid to end users.

​Graphical representation of end-user response time and throughput globally helps understand how applications behave when accessed from different countries. Browser based metrics help DevOps understand if new application updates affect performance in a specific version of browser and response time captured by device type highlight app performance when accessed via a specific platform, e.g., desktop or mobile. A split-up of statistics related to ISP-based performance is also captured by RUM.

The feature comes as a standard offering from the Site24x7 Business Pack. Learn more.

Free Tools

Try these new free tools for developers now!

JSON Formatter
The JSON Formatter and Validator helps in formatting JSON data.
XML Formatter
The XML Formatter helps in formatting XML data.
SQL Formatter
The SQL Formatter helps in formatting SQL statements.
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