File and Log Monitoring in Site24x7

You'll be glad to learn that you can now do a whole lot more with our server monitoring agent than before. In addition to monitoring the uptime and performance of your Windows and Linux servers, you can now quickly and easily track hardware failures and monitor all events that occur in your server.

File and Directory Monitoring

Look for content matches occurring in files and localize search keywords to your language. Get notified when a particular file / sub-directory is created / deleted within a directory or any kind of alteration is made to a file. Configure checks to look for files that remain idle over a period of time. File and directory monitoring can also alert you when a file size exceeds the configured threshold value, enabling you to perform the necessary cleanup tasks on the server.

Events / Syslog Monitoring

Monitor common issues experienced by users such as hardware component failures, unauthorized access and more. Additionally, you can also monitor every interaction occurring in your server / system and get notifications when the configured event occurs.

Configured Checks

Add a resource check profile to your server and monitor resources on the server, add multiple resource checks to a profile and be alerted when a check fails. This profile can also be associated to multiple server monitors.

Some other things that you can check:

URL check:

Monitor the availability of a local URL on a server. When the configured URL is down, the check is marked as down and the monitor status is changed to trouble.

Port check:

Monitor ports and when a configured port goes down, the monitor status is changed to trouble if it was previously up.

Server Resource Check Profile

The Windows Event log and Linux syslog check is only available from the Advanced Pack, the rest of the checks are available through all packs.

See licensing details.

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When: Dec 2nd 2015 - 10:30 AM GMT | 11 AM PDT
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