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Product Updates
Telemetry API support for Site24x7-AWS Lambda Extension integrated monitor

You can now get telemetry streams from the Lambda service, including function and extension logs, as well as events, traces, and metrics coming from the Lambda platform itself with Lambda Telemetry API. Analyze the logs and metrics and obtain critical insights about your Lambda environment.

Monitor slow queries using AppLogs

AppLogs now supports RDS MySQL slow query logs and Elasticsearch slow logs. Collecting the slow query logs will help you to figure out the queries that need fine-tuning. You can now collect RDS MySQL slow query logs from the CloudWatch log group and send them to Site24x7 for monitoring via the Lambda function. Configure the Elasticsearch indexes to monitor the slow search and index logs. Our exclusive dashboard helps you figure out the ideal queries for optimization.

APM Insight .NET Agent v5.9.0

Here are some of the new .NET agent features:

  • Support for capturing the IP address list. [.NET and .NET Core]
  • Support for tracking external calls via HTTP client. [.NET]
  • Monitor your SAP HANA database with Site24x7 plugins

    Gain visibility into the availability and performance of your SAP HANA database with our SAP HANA plugin integration. Track key metrics like active threads and index server memory usage so you can identify and resolve issues before they start affecting end users.

    Enhanced visibility into your Apache Cassandra database

    Leverage the updated Cassandra monitoring plugin integration to monitor the health and performance of your Apache Cassandra database. Identify bottlenecks and performance issues by tracking critical metrics like throughput, latency, hints, disk usage, and pending compaction tasks.

    New best practice checks added in AWS Guidance Report

    Optimize costs, improve fault tolerance and performance of your AWS account with the new recommendations added in the AWS Guidance Report. Site24x7's Guidance Report for Amazon Web Services now supports 199 best practice checks.

    Free tools

    Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

    Real-time blacklist check

    Site24x7 blacklist checker helps you to check if your domain name or IP address appears on 10+ popular blacklist databases so you can make sure your domain or IP address is not flagged as spam.

    Browser fingerprint test

    Examine your browser to see how protected you are from tracking and fingerprinting with our Site24x7 Browser Fingerprint Test.

    Featured articles
    Sneak Peek
    • Log archives
    • Store all your logs in the public cloud storage (AWS/Azure/GCP) for extended periods for compliance purposes.

    • Node.js runtime metrics
    • Node VMs provide useful runtime metrics such as memory usage, garbage collection, and event loop ticks of each instance, as well as metrics for the entire application for troubleshooting performance issues and monitoring the health of your application.

    • Storage Area Network (SAN) monitoring
    • In the works: Site24x7's Storage Area Network (SAN) monitoring that will help you monitor the performance, availability, and health of storage devices in your enterprise.

    • NTP Check for Linux servers
    • Having time differences between your server and the NTP server will jeopardize the accuracy of your reports and logs. We are working on a new resource check that alerts you if your server time varies from the time on the NTP server.

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