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Product Updates
ManageEngine CloudSpend Launches Cloud Cost Management Capabilities for Microsoft Azure

AppLogs added support for Salesforce logs, ratio operator support in the query language, and a customized log type view

Salesforce logs are now supported by AppLogs. You can track the successful and failed user logins, the reports or documents that are most accessed by users, and all user activities in Salesforce with AppLogs' exclusive dashboard and perform a custom search of the event log data. The query language now includes ratio as a supported operator. Additionally, the Log Type View now allows users to create customized views.

Get alerted if your server clocks are out of sync

Data might be inaccurate if your server clocks are out of sync with the global Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. Use Site24x7's NTP Resource Check to get alerted if there is a time difference between your target server and NTP server. You have the option to get alerted if the time difference exceeds the threshold in seconds/minutes/hours.

Gain better visibility into your AWS service backups

View backup policies and monitor the backup jobs for all resource types, individual resource types, or backup vaults with Site24x7's AWS Backup integration. Get a detailed overview of your backup jobs, backup running time, and backup sizes and get notified about automated backup failures.

Monitor Kong Gateway with Site24x7 plugins

Get enhanced visibility into the health of your Kong API services with our Kong plugin integration. Track critical performance and usage metrics, including connections, bandwidth, and latency, so you can deliver your services and data faster.

Explore unmonitored Azure resources and add them for monitoring from the Inventory Dashboard

View the resources you have not added for monitoring listed under Non-Monitored Resources on the Inventory Dashboard. Just select the required resources and add them for monitoring.

Enable RUM using the Node.js agent (v2.7.0 and above)

You can integrate RUM with your Node.js application using the RUM script injection feature in APM Insight. Once integrated, you can analyze every aspect of the front-end performance of your Node.js application, like the browser, platform, geography, and ISP, from the Site24x7 RUM console.

A plugin to monitor scheduled tasks in Windows Task Scheduler

Monitor the status of scheduled tasks in Windows Task Scheduler with our Windows Scheduled Tasks plugin. Leverage the plugin to track a task's status, view meta information, and ensure the success of its execution.

Free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

SPF Record Checker

Examine the SPF record of a domain for errors, security risks, and authorized IP addresses with Site24x7's SPF Record Checker.

DKIM Validator

Site24x7's DKIM Validator allows you to confirm if a received email was indeed sent and authorized by the owner of the domain.

Featured articles
Sneak Peek
  • Exclude a time range from the log output
  • Use the exclude time period option to exclude unwanted logs during your maintenance period.

  • On-Premise Poller Group
  • The On-Premise Poller Group provides a scalable platform for enterprises to monitor a large number of resources, like VMware, networks, intranet websites, and ports. The On-Premise Poller Group effectively monitors your intranet resources of any size by configuring a group of On-Premise Pollers and using high availability.

  • MySQL server monitoring
  • Monitor your MySQL operations and database attributes and get instant alerts when there are database performance spikes.

  • OpenTelemetry
  • OpenTelemetry is an open-source set of tools, APIs, and SDKs for instrumenting, generating, collecting, and exporting telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) to help in application performance monitoring.

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