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Product Updates
AppLogs added support for key-value and XML formats, multiple log patterns, and derived fields

We're extending our log parsing support to include key-value and XML format logs. Now, access all relevant log information for a single application on a dashboard by utilizing multiple log pattern support within a single log type. Implement custom parsing rules for log fields using the Site24x7 AppLogs derived field support to extract valuable information..

Manage Site24x7 with Terraform

Site24x7 has now partnered with HashiCorp. Together, the Site24x7-Terraform provider will help you gain control over multiple administration-related updates and efficiently manage resources in Site24x7 through code.

Gain better visibility to your Site24x7-Amazon EKS integrated monitor at the cluster, node, and namespace level

Obtain a detailed overview of different events occurring within each resource with time-series charts. View the list of node groups, Fargate profiles, EKS cluster add-ons, and OpenID Connect details associated with your Site24x7-Amazon EKS integrated monitor.

Install your Site24x7 Kubernetes Agent using Helm chart

The Helm chart adds the Site24x7 Kubernetes Agent to all the nodes in your cluster via a DaemonSet. It also deploys the kube-state-metrics which is used by the Site24x7 Kubernetes Agent to fetch the performance metrics of your Kubernetes infrastructure and reports it to your account.

ISP latency monitoring to keep track of latency and transit connectivity issues

Track the performance of internet service providers ISPs and transit providers using the ISP latency monitor. Utilize metrics like latency, jitter, hop count, and autonomous system (AS) to analyze the path change and connectivity issues along the network path. Visualize the traceroute and obtain a detailed hop-to-hop view or a brief AS Number Flow View to spot the troublesome hops and broken links. Check the domain reachability from multiple locations and identify where the connection has been lost.

Monitor your entire Apache Kafka stack with Site24x7 plugins

Our Apache Kafka plugins enable you to monitor the performance of your entire Kafka infrastructure, including critical consumer, broker, and producer metrics. You can now track broker clusters, identify issues like consumer lag, and ensure a steady flow of producer data to stay on top of your Kafka stack and prevent potential data loss.

AppLogs integration for NGINX plugin

Our NGINX web server plugin now integrates with Site24x7 AppLogs so you can get actionable insights from incoming log data and troubleshoot issues faster.

Get notified when the client secret for Azure monitor expires

The data collection of your Azure resources will be affected when the client secret provided for Site24x7 Azure monitoring expires or gets deleted. In both cases, the Azure monitor status will be marked as down and the user will be alerted via email, providing the reason and steps to update the client secret.

View detailed information of outages and export reports in various formats

View the reason and latest comments for the outages of all monitors in Site24x7 and export reports as CSV, PDF, or via email.

Identify the Top N resource-consuming threads in your Java application

On-Demand profiling in APM Java agents (5.6 and above) now supports identifying the threads that consume the most CPU or memory.

Free online training

Interactive online training by our product specialists will give you the tips and tricks to utilize your account better. Get hands on with industry standard best practices in real time!

Date: Oct. 10-14, 2022 - 10am AEST | 10am BST | 10am PDT

Free tools

Check out a couple of our free tools in this month's edition:

Brand Reputation

Identify unsafe web resources by verifying the URL against the Web Risk API list with Site24x7 Brand Reputation.

Realtime Blacklist Check

Site24x7 Realtime Blacklist Check helps you to check if your domain name or IP address appears on 10+ popular blacklist databases and ensure they are not flagged as spam.

Featured articles
Sneak Peek
  • File Upload monitoring
  • You will soon be able to monitor an API that requires files in the request using File Upload monitoring.

  • Google remote procedure calls (gRPC) monitoring
  • Monitor the performance and availability of a gRPC server by simulating client calls to gRPC services.

  • Identify the memory leaks in your Java application
  • Memory Leak Detection under the JVM tab allows you to quickly detect and address memory leaks before they seriously impact the performance of your application.

  • Log Type Views
  • Users can choose the required fields and create customized views in the log type, which helps them to focus on the relevant information while debugging.

  • New ITSM integration: Freshdesk
  • Freshdesk will be added to the list of third-party services supported by Site24x7.

  • Delay Site24x7 status updates in StatusIQ
  • You can opt to delay your Site24x7 status update from getting posted in StatusIQ for up to 60 minutes. This will be done by honoring notification profile settings in Site24x7.

  • Azure Service View
  • Azure Service View represents the current state of all the Site24x7-supported Azure service types as cards. Also, it provides the option to enable monitoring for non-monitored service types with a single click.

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