Detect and resolve hardware issues to avert hardware failure in your VMware environment

Fix your hardware before it fails, with Site24x7's instant threshold-based alerts.

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Proper functioning hardware is crucial to ensure flawless infrastructure for your VMware environment. Any malfunction in an individual component can lead to issues like problematic VM behavior, corrupted hard disks, and faulty processors, thus crippling the entire VMware environment. Avoid such issues by monitoring all your hardware 24x7 so you can record every event.

How can hardware failure affect your resources?

VMware ESX/ESXi hosts are prone to erratic host and virtual machine behavior, purple screen errors, corrupt disk drives, and other errors. These kinds of errors clearly indicate faulty hardware. Detecting and diagnosing them using VMware host hardware logs or Common Information Model (CIM) logs is not a wise choice, as by the time you’ve troubleshooted the errors, the hardware failure might have already affected your production environment.

It is always wiser to avert issues by taking the necessary preventive measures. This can only be achieved by monitoring your hardware with threshold limits set on each component. Continuous monitoring will insure against common hardware issues as alerts will be triggered when thresholds are breached so technicians can take corrective measures like replacing or fixing faulty hardware and ensure continued uptime.