SQL Monitoring

Ensure high SQL Server availability and performance with out-of-the-box database monitoring. Mitigate server sprawl and deliver optimal SQL Server performance 24x7.

Be instantly notified on failover between active and passive nodes with an all-in-one SQL database monitoring tool.

SQL Server Monitoring

Monitor SQL Server Performance

Capacity Planning

Gain deep understanding of various memory and buffer manager details for optimal capacity planning.

SQL Operations

Drill down to performance details such as errors, replications, SQL compilations, and longest transaction time of SQL instances.

Database Details

Capture database attributes like data file size used, log file size, log cache hit ratio, and more.

Assist DevOps

Assist DevOps to focus on more intensive portions of SQL Servers like job, lock and latch details

SQL Server Status

Get to know the availability status along with the number of downtimes, cache hit ratio, and more.

SQL Server Logs and Agent Logs

Find and analyze inefficient and slow SQL queries easily among large sets of log information with pre-sorted search fields including date & time, user, log level, event ID, and message.