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This is Site24x7

Site24x7 was born when the collective IT expertise of ManageEngine, a world class IT management software suite and Zoho a SaaS leader for business and productivity applications came together to build a solution for IT and DevOps. From startups and SMB's to Fortune 500 companies and governments, Site24x7 helps IT and DevOps teams of all shapes and sizes break down the complex relationships between their IT infrastructure, applications, customers, and businesses.

Our journey so far

AdventNet Inc Logo

AdventNet Inc. (rechristened as Zoho Corp. in 2009), the company behind the Site24x7 Service, began as a network management vendor, building SNMP stacks and network management applications.

ManageEngine Logo

The birth of ManageEngine: The enterprise IT management software suite, by Zoho Corp. was launched. Currently has more than 90 products, 200 channel and technology partners, and 120,000 customers worldwide.

Zoho Logo

Zoho, the operating system for business, now supports 75 million happy users with more than 50 business applications, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail, Zoho Books, and Zoho Creator, as of 2022.

Site24x7 Logo

The journey began: Site24x7 was officially born. During the process of building cloud apps at Zoho we crafted Site24x7-designed purely for the love of monitoring.

Site24x7 website monitoring launched.

Site24x7 began supporting monitoring from a global point of presence. Now our global monitoring network spans six continents.

Becomes more flexible - Site24x7 APIs launched.

Monitor on the move - Site24x7 Android and iOS app launched.

Birth of server monitoring. Our agent-based approach for monitoring your Windows, Linux, OSX, and FreeBSD servers launched.

Site24x7 APM Insight launched to troubleshoot Java, .NET, and Ruby applications for DevOps.

Site24x7 launched hybrid and public cloud monitoring with support for VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Monitor user experience across all platforms - Real user monitoring and Mobile APM launched

Discover critical network devices automatically using SNMP: Network monitoring beta launched.

More extensible with the launch of Site24x7 plugins.

MSP plan Announced.

Custom dashboards and reports: Bring metrics from different layers of your stack into a single view for easier analyses.

IT Automation: Now automatically execute actions across EC2 instances, VMs, and on-premises servers in response to alert events.

The launch of EU data center.

Single Page Applications (SPA) support for RUM

Unified EC2 Monitoring: Enrich CloudWatch metrics and metadata with system level metrics from the agent

Site24x7 Tags: Organize monitored resources, alarms, and reports using custom metadata.

Log Management: Centralize log data from virtual machines, applications, and cloud services into a single platform.

Comprehensive monitoring support for the Microsoft Azure platform

Launched 100th monitoring location

The launch of India Data center

The launch of China Data center.

Site24x7 CloudSpend: A fork in the road, we enter the cloud cost management domain with a new product.

Launched Brand Reputation and Real-Time Blacklist (RBL) check to help customers keep their users safe and improve email deliverability.

Google Cloud Platform Support: Extended our monitoring capabilities to better support businesses leveraging multiple clouds.

General availability of Site24x7 StatusIQ - our hosted status pages, incident communication platform.

Nutanix Support: Our on-premise poller can now collect metrics for Nutanix HCI workloads as well.

New services supported to help monitor work from home infrastructure.

  • Plugins added support for GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Bitbucket, Confluent, Slack, Confluence, and more.
  • Log management released support of Zoom events and Okta system logs
  • VPN Monitoring
  • VMware Horizon and Azure Windows Virtual Desktops
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Services
  • New metrics for Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Skype for Business, and OneDrive

StatsD support: Push custom metrics instrumented with the StatsD protocol using the Site24x7 server agent.

Network Traffic Monitoring: Monitor network traffic and bandwidth based on flow technologies like NetFlow.

Kubernetes Monitoring: Monitor the performance of your container orchestration infrastructure.

The launch of Australia data center.

150 best practice recommendations for AWS services and AWS Lambda Execution logs integration.

Mobile APM for React Native apps.

Launch of Japan data center

Terraform support: Manage your Site24x7 resources through code

More than 100 log types natively supported using AppLogs

Network Configuration Management: Multi-vendor network configuration and change management tool

ISP Latency Monitoring: Track network performance and connectivity throughout the network path

Python support in APM Insight

ManageEngine CloudSpend for Azure

Database monitoring: Out-of-the-box monitoring across SQL, NoSQL, Oracle, and other multi-vendor databases

WAN RTT monitoring: Checks the availability of WAN links and observes the round-trip time between devices

OpenAI observability integration: For comprehensive insights into OpenAI usage, cost, and performance

Monitoring support for more than 100 Azure services

Launched the 130th monitoring location

More to come...

Over 13,000 customers use Site24x7 to monitor more than 275 technologies, frameworks, and services.

Why choose Site24x7?


Platform and infrastructure agnostic

Be it physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure, web or mobile, Intranet or internet applications, Site24x7 can monitor them all.


Unprecedented visibility

You get systems monitoring, synthetic transaction monitoring for uptime, real user monitoring to manage user experience, application monitoring for deep code level visibility. All-in-One.


Build on top of Site24x7

Use our out-of-box plug-ins or build your own one using Python or Shell scripts in Linux, and DLL, Batch, PowerShell and VB scripts in Windows.


Purely SaaS

No infrastructure to buy. No hardware to maintain. Our out of box monitoring tool can be deployed within a matter of minutes.


Monitor the largest applications

Our comprehensive product portfolio is built to support teams and organizations of all sizes. Don't compromise on monitoring, even when you add more infrastructure, customers and businesses.


Never miss out on downtime

Our fully native mobile apps on Android and iOS lets your take Site24x7 anywhere. Monitor your resources without being glued to your desk.


We are audited and certified by industry standards

Site24x7 undergoes an industry standard security audit every year, where an evaluation of the design and operating effectiveness of controls with respect to AICPA’s Trust Services Principles are diligently done.

  • Distributed Grid Architecture
  • Data Protection and Back-up
  • 24x7x365 Security
  • 256-bit SSL
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • CSA STAR Self-Assessment

Supported Technologies

We're continuously extending our monitoring coverage

Site24x7 supports a wide spectrum of open source services, technologies, platforms, and frameworks. As we speak, our dedicated team of developers are working continuously to add more.

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