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Site24x7 - The Real All-in-One Monitoring Solution

Site24x7 is a cloud-based all-in-One monitoring solution that assists IT Engineers and Devops in effectively managing their IT infrastructure - which includes Website, Server, Network, Applications and Real User Experience. Site24x7 capitalises on ManageEngine's 20+ year's experience to come up with an unparalleled solution for all monitoring requirements.

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Services Offered Site24x7 Anturis
Web Monitoring
Website Monitoring
Web Transaction Monitoring using Real Browser for apps from a global perspective - outside your own datacenter
(100+ Cities Globally)
Website Performance Monitoring from Global Perspective
Web Transaction (Browser) Monitoring and Synthetics
Poll Frequency 1 min 1 min
Auto Discovery of additional URLs that can be monitored
Internet Services Monitoring (DNS Server, FTP Server, SMTP Server, POP Server, IMAP Server, Ping, Port (Custom Protocol)
Mail Delivery Monitoring
SSL/TLS Certificate Monitoring
SOAP Web Service Monitoring
Website Defacement
Web Transaction behind the firewall (from inside your own data center)
With the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller feature
Real User Monitoring (Web)
Native Mobile Apps (Mobile APM) - iOS and Android
Java Partial - Only JVM Monitoring
Ruby On Rails
Network Monitoring
SNMP Counter Configuration and Monitoring using a MIB

Has to be installed manually
Support for 10000+ Network Devices

Manually load MIBs and figure out yourself
Device Templates for Association
Support for Tabular ODIs
Network Maps
SNMP Trap Processing
Network Traffic Monitoring (NetFlow Monitoring)
Cisco IPSLA-based VoIP Monitoring
Server Monitoring
OS X Monitoring
VMware Monitoring
Nutanix Monitoring
Docker Monitoring
Windows Applications Monitoring(IIS, SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V, AD)
Plugin Integrations
Log Management
Multi-cloud Monitoring
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring
Azure Monitoring
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Monitoring
Support for Monitor Grouping
Free Tools 20+ 0
Status Pages to show service status to customers
Maintenance Window
Zero False Alerts We send you a screenshot to prove the website is actually down We think customers know better
Scheduled Report
Busy Hour of Day Report
Busy Day of Week Report
Trend Report
Log Report
SLA Management and Reporting
Multi-user Login
On-Call scheduling
Portal Integration that allows you to Integrate with your own Portal
Voice Call, SMS, E-mail
Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
Alarm Management
Third Party Integrations to generate automated alerts and tickets
Product Support Includes Call, E-mail, Chat and Forum Only E-mail support
Licensing Model Subscription - Monthly/Yearly with flexible add-on packages that allow topping up even 10 websites or 5 transactions for monitoring Subscription - Monthly/Yearly with no flexible add-ons
Add-on Monitors for growth
Free Trial 30 Days 30 days
How a Monitor is Defined With Site24x7 you can monitor a Website for $1 per month and an entire Server including process, systems metrics and up to 2 custom scripts for $2 per month. Monitor does not represent a Server. It represents a sub-system component like CPU, Disk etc. For each sub-system it costs ~1.
Sample Pricing
55 Servers (4 mertics per server) $69/month (additionally you get 500K RUM Pageviews and 5 sites) $220/month
10 Websites $10/month (additionally you get 100K RUM Pageviews and 1 Web Transaction (Browser) Monitor) $10/month
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This is what some of our customers have to say:

Site24x7 gives us visibility into end user UI experience from global locations which is critical for our business. The instant alerting capabilities keep us on top of issues and helps us minimize end user impact. Thanks for the great service.

Sarah Kulp

Director of software operations at Informz

I wanted a new feature in Site24x7 APM Insight and guess what? Its done. I was not used to working with companies that actually deliver what they say they would, but Site24x7 is different! A big thanks for putting customers first.

Kieren Dowding

CTO, Your Phones Covered

We use Site24x7 to alert us to slow servers as well as outages of the server. We are aware of server issues before the client is aware of it – which is invaluable to building a strong client relationship. I have not seen anything else that gives us the breadth of monitoring points that we need. Site24x7 gives us great insight.

Rick Pearson

Director at The Ripe Group

Site24x7 gives us deep visibility into critical performance parameters of our resources and helps us stay on top of issues. The all-in-one dashboard gives us one console visibility without the need of shifting to multiple monitoring devices to get complete insights. Ease of use and affordable pricing are factors that impressed me about Site24x7.

Oleksii Holovko

CISO, Revenue Grid