Application Performance Monitoring

Understand your application behaviour and eliminate errors by drilling down to the individual lines of code. Optimize your application performance and stay ahead of outages.

Troubleshoot 3 applications for just $35/month.

Application Performance Monitoring

Speed up your applications with Site24x7 APM Insight.

Get in-depth insights on the health of your Java applications running on various servers.

Visualize the application experience of users in real time. Analyze and segment performance by browser, platform, geography, ISP and more.

From desktop applications to Windows Service performance, we've got everything covered. You can also monitor your .NET applications deployed in AWS and Azure environments, with a single agent.

Monitor the key performance metrics of applications that access a variety of services on AWS and Microsoft Azure along with telemetry from your cloud environment.

Monitor the performance of your PHP applications, deployed in both Linux and Windows platforms.

Get detailed performance metrics of mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Enhance the end-user experience by resolving issues the moment they occur.

Monitor and trace all performance issues of applications running on Ruby on rails from slow database queries, and web services to background jobs.

View production information, application logs, and performance issues in the same console. You won't need access to production servers to troubleshoot servers.

Gain end-to-end visibility by tracking all triggered events and asynchronous calls in your Node.js applications.

Optimize response time.

Your application response time affects the end-user experience, and slow applications increase your churn rate. APM Insight enables you to identify, at a glance, the root cause of a slow application, so you can fix it promptly.

Identify errors and exceptions.

Application slowness may be caused by several factors, like slow performing database calls, unhandled exceptions, failed transactions, and delays from external components. In APM Insight, the entire code flow is captured as a trace, including the stack trace of every method call. This helps you to gain insights into all kinds of errors and exceptions and improve your application performance.

Visualize application topology.

Understand the way your applications connect and communicate with external components. Identify component failure at a single glance and debug method level errors.

Monitor database operations.

Get detailed performance metrics to identify slow database calls, database usage and overall performance of the database furnished with detailed graphical and tabular representations.

Get insightful alerts.

Prevent potential catastrophes with AI-powered alerts. Our anomaly engine, powered by machine learning and forecasting techniques, detects any unusual behavior or spikes in your application performance and notifies you immediately. This helps you take corrective action before your customers are affected.

Integrate performance and end user experience.

Understand how your application performance affects the end-user experience across various geographies, devices, and browser types. Identify how much time various resources consume as well as JavaScript errors, network latency, and the performance of soft navigations. Integrate APM Insight with RUM to obtain a unified view.