Security Monitoring : View and analyze GuardDuty findings

Obtain a categorized view for each GuardDuty finding for any impending threat, and stay alert. Pinpoint and identify cyber issues in the cloud ecosystem easier with Site24x7-GuardDuty integration, and fortify your AWS infrastructure further.

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What is Amazon GuardDuty?

Any network accessible from the internet and exposed to the public will be susceptible to malicious activity. Amazon GuardDuty keeps a close watch of your AWS account and the workloads that run on the cloud. The findings from GuardDuty can be easily routed into other workflows, like AWS Lambda, for automated remediation. What more? With the GuardDuty integration at Site24x7, you gain a minimalist and categorized view, like Trojan, Unauthorized Access, Stealth, Policy, and others.

Why use GuardDuty with Site24x7?

Categorized threat analysis

Centralized security account

No additional agents

Push alerts easily

Intelligent threat detection

Simple to scale

Effective enterprise AWS security

Automatically segregate the threats into different categories and obtain insights about each region, action, and types of resources affected for each threat reported as a GuardDuty finding. Thwart security breaches by unmasking not only basic misconfigurations, but also complex violations across several configured services.

View and analyze AWS GuardDuty findings

GuardDuty Finding Summary

Receive alerts on all AWS account requests that use root credentials. Obtain insights about similar major issues in your cloud infrastructure grouped according to its resource type, severity, or region. Choose to receive persistent notifications on each error until the alarm is acknowledged.

Reporting Region-wise

Identify the key regions where an Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute(EC2) may have been compromised due to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks with public routable IP addresses. Understand the demographic details of a particular threat by using the charts visualized according to findings count, and regions affected in a day.

Track and view GuardDuty findings in each region.
View resources affected in AWS network

Affected Resources

Identify the resources and the number of times they are affected by cryptocurrency mining-related, or unauthorized access-related activities. Receive insights about the exact instances that are vulnerable, and take precautionary measures to safeguard the instance for different GuardDuty findings.

Triggered Actions

Observe and get alerted if the Amazon EC2 instances have been compromised by any malicious activity using the Tor Network, an open-source privacy network that permits users to browse the web anonymously. Set thresholds and get alerted when there is a threshold breach on various action types, like instance API calls, DNS requests, or network connections.

Actions that triggered any malicious activity in AWS network.

Security monitoring for an out-and-out AWS monitoring

Site24x7 provides a holistic AWS monitoring experience with the right set of features.

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Getting started

Integrate Site24x7 with Amazon GuardDuty in a few simple steps.

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