Monitoring for 100+ Microsoft Azure Services

Get near real time performance data on all Azure services using the Azure Monitor REST API and the .NET applications accessing Azure services.

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Reimagine your Azure-focused performance monitoring

Avoid the need to use multiple tools for monitoring your Azure environment. Manage 100+ Azure products covering compute, storage, databases, network, analytics, and security.

Get in-depth visibility into processes and services running in Windows and Linux virtual machines, and performance management of .NET applications with Site24x7's extensions in the Azure Marketplace.

Azure Monitoring

Monitor and manage all your Azure components

Ensure that you are aware of all the issues plaguing your application components in your Azure environment and correct them proactively before users notice any lag. Install our .NET agent, and automatically track the performance of your Azure service calls as and when they are made through the various SDKs.

 Response Time View

Obtain a 360 degree view of your Microsoft environment

Integrate with Site24x7 Windows Monitoring to get a wholesome picture of your entire Microsoft computing environment. Some of the Microsoft products that we support are:

Auto-discover Microsoft applications