Monitor Azure Functions

Analyze the health and performance of your serverless infrastructure and track critical Azure function metrics to accelerate application development.

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Monitor Azure Functions

Measure key performance indicators and improve throughput

Keep track of the number of total requests received by Azure Functions, bytes sent and received, and other critical metrics in your serverless Azure infrastructure. Measure performance counters including invocations, internal errors, and memory to ensure smooth app development. 

Automatically discover and monitor all the newly added resources in the Microsoft Azure portal and use tags to include or exclude specific resources from monitoring.

 Measure key performance indicators and improve throughput
 Get real-time visibility and set automatic alerting

Get real-time visibility and set automatic alerting

Know the status of Functions right in the infrastructure dashboard view with an intuitive widget that displays the status as up or down.

Set automatic notifications based on threshold violations for multiple statistics of the same attribute, and view configuration and resource count details in the inventory dashboard to get more insights of your monitored Functions instance.

Full-stack monitoring


End-to-end visibility

Easy setup

Alerts and Reports

Monitor all your Azure services with our AI-powered monitoring tool

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