Azure VM Monitoring

AI-powered monitoring gives you full visibility into the performance and health of every component of your Azure virtual machines at a flat price.

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Azure VM Monitoring Tool

Optimize performance of your Azure VM environment

Detect and monitor all the virtual machines (VMs) in your Azure infrastructure across all your subscriptions in a single click with zero configuration hassles. 

Keep track of critical VM metrics like real-time CPU percentage, disk usage metrics, network In/Out, and more in your Azure environment. Access the details of every metric in a dedicated performance report view, where you can analyze performance across a specific time period.

Visualize your complete Azure infrastructure with a bird's-eye view of all the resources with Site24x7's Azure VM monitoring, and be notified via scheduled reports every time a new resource is added.

Optimize performance of your Azure VM environment

Comprehensive Azure virtual machine monitoring

Get deeper insights into your Azure VMs

Monitor 60+ performance metrics in real-time

Monitor the health of each component in your Azure VM like services and processes with our server monitoring agent, along with all the internal resources like files, event logs, syslogs, and directories on your Azure VM server.

IT Automation and AI

Detect unusual spikes or aberrations in critical metrics of your Azure VMs with the AI-based anomaly framework and orchestrate incident remediation across Azure VMs by automatically responding to alerts, resulting in better operational efficiency.


More than 100 Plugin integrations

Leverage the ready-to-install plugin integrations including Apache, MongoDB, Kafka, and more, or write your own plugin using Python, Shell, PowerShell, Batch, or VB to monitor the data you need.

Full-stack monitoring


End-to-end visibility

Easy setup

Alerts and Reports

Monitor all your Azure services with our AI-powered monitoring tool

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