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More sophisticated roles/permission concept

We have multiple use-cases with the requirement of a more customizable role/permission-configuration:

1) We provide trainings for new employees that include site24x7. The trainees should be able to create their own monitors/ alerts but they should not be able to delete monitors/ alerts for our production systems.

A second site24x7-account would be an option but this won't work either, because a user/ email can only belong to one account.

2) We have several application-owners that create their own alerts-monitors (DevOps) but should not be able to delete/ manipulate monitors/ alerts for other applications/ systems.


A solution would be to make it possible to restrict the admin-role in the same way it is possible for the operator role.

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Hi Stefan,

  Thank you for writing to us and putting forth your request. Our "Teams Management" feature should suite your need of having isolated spaces for teams. The feature is in testing phase and will be announced soon. 

With Teams Management you will be able to 

1. Allocate and manage licenses across teams. 

2. Each team will have their own user space so there won't be any deleting or editing of monitors between teams. Teams Management offers better resource optimisation and account's handling over the usual Monitor Groups based administration.

3. You can handle subscription and billing for all your teams, including upgrades, purchase of additional add-ons and alert credits, centrally from a single console.

You can have 1 team account for trainees where they can add and delete monitors. Additionally, you can have multiple team accounts where DevOps can manage their own team monitors. Hope this solves your need. We'll soon be announcing it in our community and inside our web client. 


Product Manager, Site24x7



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Is there a way to get access to this as a BETA tester?

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Hi Framirez, 

   We are on the verge of releasing the feature. You’ll soon have an announcement. So stay tuned. 


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Hi Stefan, Framirez,

  We have released Site24x7 Teams Management feature. You can read all about it in our announcement that we made few moments ago. 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Hi Jasper,

that's good news!

I have a question regarding the pricing.

If we enable the feature, without creating a team, are we going to be billed $9/ month? And then, if we add a Team for trainees, do we have 2 teams and will be billed $18/month?

And btw: I am very disappointed that you charge money for a feature that is a very basic feature for enterprise-grade appplications. An enterprise-application where I need to pay for roles/ permissions??? We're already paying more than $1000 a month and it is so hard to believe that there is no role/ permission-management included.

I'm interested in your opinion abouth this topic.



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Hi Stefan,

No, you will not be charged for the team that is created by default when you migrate to Site24x7 Teams Management. You will be charged only for the subsequent teams that you create, at $9 per team.

Basic role permission handling is available in Site24x7 standard account via Group permissions for sub users. While the new feature is for multiple different teams to seamlessly use the monitoring account. It is like every new team will start at less than a pro plan cost. It saves cost for the new team and allow data isolation with convenience of single account for the organisation. Hence it is charged $9 / team / month.



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So basically Teams is some version of what would be considered Reseller of sorts? If we are getting charged already for the plan with all the monitors we can share amongst the team, I don't understand why we get charged to divide it up and creat teams.

I think the reasoning behind the extra cost would be a good start.

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So I saw no mention of this in regards to MSP subscriptions. Was there any thought to doing something similar to this in MSP accounts? 

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We're happy to inform you that we've now introduced monitor-group-level permissions for admin users. 

With permissions at the monitor group level, you can provide admins with full permissions for a particular group of monitors. This allows the super admin to restrict access to resources created by others. This also helps in streamlining and controlling the monitor groups that each admin can access. 

An Admin with monitor-group-level access can edit/modify/delete the details related to profiles created by them, but will not have any permission to modify the profiles created by other admins. For instance, a user with admin user privileges and monitor group permissions can view and apply all profiles in Site24x7, such as the location, configuration, notification, email templates, and more, to monitors. However, they cannot edit or delete a profile created by other users. In a nutshell, group admins will have full permission only to the resources created by them. 

Thereby instead of a single member handling all responsibilities, each team member can take up the responsibility. As requested, with this feature your trainees will be able to create their own monitors/ alerts but they will not be able to delete other monitors in your environment. 

Assigning an admin role with monitor-group-level access role can help in ensuring:         

  • Efficient team level management

  • Confidentiality and security

  • More control over resources

Read our community post to know more about Admin with monitor-group-level access.

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