Analyze and mitigate IT security risks with our cyber risk assessment tool

Obtain visibility into your organization's or vendor's security posture, trace the plausible cyber risks, take corrective actions, and create a perfect web security strategy. Digital Risk Analyzer, the cyber risk assessment tool, can help you gain complete visibility into multiple aspects of a domain's security and help you stay away from cyberthreats.

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 Cybersecurity risk assessment tools

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An all-in-one cybersecurity risk management tool

Our third-party vendor risk management software helps you assess risks in the following categories, domain, email, application, and network security.

Thwart phishing threats and provide a secure IT environment to retain customer trust

Domains mark your brand's space in the overpopulated internet environment. Without a proper domain security plan, you can fall prey to domain thefts and hijacking, and domain or DNS spoofing.

To steer clear, you can ensure domain security by:

  • Checking your SSL certificate's expiry
  • Verifying your domain against popular blocklists
  • Check for domain expiry or days left for expiry

Ensure the integrity and authenticity of your mail servers

When an email you sent is missing, or when an email from your side ends up in the spam folder, it can hamper your business relations. Spoofing emails, that make it look like a valid email is coming from a genuine sender, is another email security threat to be aware of.

Here are a few checks that can ensure the security of your mail servers:

  • SPF or DMARC records
  • DKIM records
  • SMTP TLS settings

Maintain high security standards to protect the data on your network

Cyber-attacks on networks can bring an organization's operations to a standstill. If not protected by a network security tool, cyberattacks due to human errors, ransomware, or virus attacks will impact your networks and transactions. By using stronger algorithm based encryptions, you can protect data in transmit thereby offering better security for your customer data.

To buckle up the security of your networks:

  • Ensure your SSL certificate's validity
  • Check for insecure ciphers
  • Run DNSSEC validation checks

Mitigate threats and secure your application layer

When applications are placed in a labyrinth of networks with increased connectivity to the cloud, their exposure to data thefts, and cyberattacks increases. The chances are high for hackers to target an application's vulnerabilities and steal crucial data like credit card information or bank details.

Protect your critical applications by:

  • Cross-checking them with Google's list of blocklisted URLs
  • Scanning for malwar
  • Running checks to identify phishing

Assess the risk severity and gauge your security posture with ease

Add your vendor domains, run a scan, drill deep with the detailed assertion check results on various risk factors, obtain a cyber rating score, and analyze the state of their security.

Why compromise, when you can stay secure with Digital Risk Analyzer

  • Ensure the security of your vendor platforms as well of yours.
  • Identify and mitigate reputational damage
  • Retain your customer trust by offering a secure site
  • Build effective third-party risk assessment plans
  • Take preventative measures against social engineering attacks
  • Analyze your security posture using scan history
  • Obtain exhaustive reports
  • Assign relevant roles and manage users effectively

Safeguard your business with robust cyber risk assessment tools